Remover Magic: Not Just a Graffiti Remover

Remover Magic Graffiti Remover is a very unique and interesting product in the Certol product family. It is a combination of many different ingredients, none of which are water that produces a solvent capable of stripping paint and other materials layer by layer. While it is a very effective graffiti remover, Remover Magic has potential…

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Certol Pays it Forward

Whether it’s donating our graffiti removal product, Remover Magic, for a community clean up day, participating in DentaCheques, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to the dentistry needs for handicapped individuals, or supporting KIND (Kids in Need of Dentistry), a Colorado based organization that provides dental care to children who otherwise would not get it, Certol…

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Instrument Reprocessing

Nothing is more distressing or potentially embarrassing than picking up a “sterile” instrument from the tray and observing dried soil! Thorough cleaning is also essential to allow full contact of steam sterilant on the surface of the instrument. Rust or corrosion is another problem that may be avoided by starting the cleaning process quickly. Do…

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Getting the Word Out

Did you know that Certol provides free, customized literature? If that phrase sounds familiar, it should! We send reminders about marketing materials that are available to your company with nearly every correspondence. Many of these can be customized with your company’s name and logo printed on the marketing piece. We have a variety of options…

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