Tumble Laundry Detergent donated to TROSA

Certol has donated 15 fifty pound pails of Tumble Laundry Detergent to TROSA. Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers or TROSA is a non-profit, self-help program for substance abusers. The program at TROSA emphasizes vocational training, educational development, and the skills to help the residents transition back into the community. The TROSA program is available…

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Needle Sheath Helps Avoid Needle Sticks

The ProTector Needle Sheath is designed to encourage single handed needle recapping and reduce the possibility of accidental needle sticks in the medical and dental profession. The ProTector needle sheath prop can be used to safely uncap and recap needles. The inexpensive, disposable recapping device secures the cap and holds it in the ready position….

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Thanks MDA and Star of the North Meeting

The Minnesota Dental Association Star of the North meeting in St. Paul, MN was a great success and lots of fun for the Certol Ladies. We spoke with great people about the importance of Infection Prevention and how Certol’s products preform above and beyond the competition. We met Goldie the Gopher from the University of…

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Issues with Water Quality and Effective Use of Detergents

Water quality is a key factor in determining appropriate dilution. “Hard” water inhibits cleaning by consuming some of the chemical action of detergents. Water is rated as “hard” (i.e. higher concentrations of calcium carbonate and other minerals) at 251 ppm or higher. Water rated as “hard” will require higher concentrations of detergents to yield effective…

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