A “Love Affair Continues”… ACID Magic Continues to Impress

ACID Magic is featured in this September’s issue of the Family Handyman. This is the third time that the Family Handyman magazine has published an unsolicited review of ACID Magic since 2009. Travis Larson, the magazine’s senior editor, loves ACID Magic and particularly likes it for removing rust. He has used it to remove rust from sinks, toilets, tubs, concrete and tile. Recently, he used ACID Magic to clean rust off of his ground-level windows. Each time, the conclusion is the same – ACID Magic works really well!

In 2011, Mr. Larson wrote, “If I owned this company, I’d call it Acid Miracle.” In the latest issue, the author makes it known that his feelings about ACID Magic haven’t changed by declaring “My Love Affair Continues”. Pick up a copy of September’s issue of the Family Handyman at your local hardware store to read about how ACID Magic instantly dissolved the rust from Mr. Larson’s windows.  Be sure to pick up September’s issue of the Family Handyman magazine, on shelves now!  

ACID Magic has many other uses too! From general cleaning, concrete etching, pool and spa maintenance to removing scale and mineral build-up, ACID Magic is the more user friendly alternative to traditional muriatic acid.

ACID Magic is available from retailers nationwide. Visit our ACID Magic Distributors page to find a dealer near you, or call customer service at 1(800)843-3343 and we’ll help you find a place to buy!