ACID Magic – At a Hardware Store Near You!

We get a lot of calls from customers wanting to know where they can buy ACID Magic. Recent call volumes have doubled since The Family Handyman magazine published a write up in their September issue titled “My Love affair Continues,” an article about how much their senior editor loves to use ACID Magic to remove rust.
Visit The Family Handyman blog if you’d like to learn how to remove rust deposits from your ground level windows left by the sprinkler.
But where do I buy ACID Magic for my personal use?!?
ACID Magic is available at ACE  and True Value Hardware  stores. You’ll want to call ahead and ask if your local store carries it. If they don’t, let them know that they should!
The Ace Hardware and True Value Hardware product order numbers are included below:
                                 Gallon Size               Quart Size
True Value                # 766806                   # 766814
ACE Hardware         # 1365964                 # 1365956

Other retailers and distributors carry the product, nationwide. Click here to find a distributor near you!