ACID Magic – Believe the Hype!

Check out what a few of our customers had to say after trying ACID Magic® around their homes:
I recently read an article about ACID Magic. I figured it was just another product boasting about mineral stain removal, but asked my Ace hardware to order me a bottle since every product I have used thus far has failed to clean rusty mineral stains.
Thank you sooooooo much for being what you advertise!! I now have sparkling clean white sinks, toilets, and shower tiles.
OMG~~Thank You! I just received my sample bottle of ACID Magic this morning. I have terrible water problems….the hard water rust stains are all but impossible to remove from my tub.  I have tried EVERY product out there. I poured some ACID Magic (full strength) on one of the worst stains & not only did the stain disappear; but best of all….NO FUMES!!!  I am close to tears; I am soooo happy!  Not only will this product save my tub; it will surely save my LUNGS!!  I don’t care what amount of money I have to pay for ACID Magic……I will be a lifetime customer!   Thanks again!
Homer City, PA

ACID Magic receives rave reviews from satisfied customers all the time. This unique product has many uses and is a great addition to your cleaning regiment. Try some today! Find out where you can find ACID Magic by visiting our How to Buy page.