ACID Magic Featured in The Family Handyman

“The Stuff We Love: A Safer Substitute for Muriatic Acid”

Muriatic (aka hydrochloric) acid is a fantastically cheap, effective way to remove rust stains and etch concrete to prep it for epoxy, to name just a few uses. But the fumes can be harmful, and skin burns are a real threat. There is a safer substitute called Acid Magic. It is just as effective but with 90 percent less fumes and no skin burns! That’s because it’s made with hydrochloric acid that’s been “buffered,” which prevents it from attacking proteins- like those in your skin. Although 80 percent of the Acid Magic sold is used for cleaning pools and filters, you can use it for lots of other stuff. Rust stains on sinks, toilets and tubs, concrete and tile disappear almost instantly. In fact, you can use it for nearly anything muriatic acid is used for. If I owned this company, I’d call it Acid Miracle. It’s sold by or can be ordered from Ace/True Value hardware stores. Or go online and order some from spadepot.com. It costs about $7 for a quart or $9 for a gallon. Read all about it at www.certol.com.

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