ACID Magic in the News

ACID Magic recently received media attention following an unfortunate occurrence at a public pool in Indiana. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the incident at the Garfield Park Pool in Indianapolis. A number of people received medical treatment after ACID Magic was accidentally mixed with chlorine and then introduced directly into the water as the result of either an equipment problem or human error.
According to reporters at the Indianapolis Star, the director of the Indiana Poison Control Center at IU Health Methodist Hospital described the resulting mixture of chemicals as a chlorine gas that in this case, was just strong enough to irritate eyes and lungs and induce vomiting.
Certol immediately reached out to our local distributor in the greater Indianapolis area to provide our support and to ensure our product was not the cause of the incident. Chemical safety is of the upmost importance to our company, from our manufacturing processes to our labeling and use directions, and our commitment to safety is evident throughout our operations.
As tragic as this incident was, it is Certol’s belief that the use of ACID Magic in place of traditional muriatic acid undoubtedly saved lives. ACID Magic has up to a 90% reduction in fumes when compared to standard muriatic. If standard muriatic acid had been used at the Garfield Park Pool at the time of the incident, the resulting injuries could have been much worse.
Anyone interested in learning more is asked to contact Certol directly at 1 (800)843-3343.