ACID Magic® is the Better Way to ACID Wash Your Pool!

Daylight savings is right around the corner, the weather’s getting warmer and pool season is fast approaching. Once summer hits it’ll be time to pull back the cover, fill’er up and jump right in!
Of course it’s not quite that simple. There’s still the issue of clearing the debris and cleaning the stains that accumulate during the winter season. For the really tough jobs, you’ll need to do an acid wash to lift the stubborn stains that soap and water just won’t touch. In cases where an acid wash is necessary, most pool service professionals will recommend using muriatic acid. Muriatic acid is extremely dangerous; it causes severe chemical burns to skin and the fumes can be deadly. Muriatic acid is nasty to work with but it’s the most effective chemical you can use to restore stained plaster.
Pool service crew using ACID Magic to acid wash pool.
HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS!- ACID Magic is just as effective for acid washing pools as standard muriatic – but ACID Magic has up to 90% less fumes than traditional muriatic acid and it won’t burn intact skin!  ACID MagicThe User Friendly Muriatic Acid!™* combines a buffer with hydrochloric acid, making ACID Magic Toughon stains Easier on You!™
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*ACID Magic should not be used to aid or effect any pool disinfectant or water modifier.