ACID Magic Receives NSF 60 Certification – Drinking Water Treatment

ACID Magic® now holds the NSF Standard 60 Certification from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).  Many states and Canadian provinces require certification to NSF Standards for water treatment chemicals and products in contact with drinking water.  ACID Magic is already registered NSF as acceptable for use as an acid cleaner in and around food processing areas and this added certification will offer a great new opportunity for our distribution base.
Life Safer®
Certified by NSF
The NSF Standard 60 Certification opens the door to the marketing of ACID Magic for use in municipal and industrial drinking water systems. Specifically, NSF Standard 60 allows ACID Magic to be used for pH adjustment, corrosion and scale control as well as a cleaning agent for water treatment lines.  In addition, it’s likely there are uses for the product in the water treatment industry that Certol has yet to discover.  
Because of the proprietary nature of the ACID Magic formula, from time to time, questions emerge by interested parties about the integrity of the product. Qualifying for NSF Standard 60 Certification requires that both the product and manufacturing facility meet rigorous standards and pass a battery of tests in order to obtain the certification. This includes a full audit process and formulation to ensure raw goods are deemed safe, culminating in a plant inspection. We are pleased to report that Certol passed all of these tests and ACID Magic was awarded certification. Inasmuch, we believe that this new certification should go a long way to discrediting those who assert that ACID Magic contains less than pure ingredients.
Be sure to check back with www.Certol.com to learn more about applications as we develop product literature. If you have specific questions about the market, please contact Ryan Osmundson at 800.843.3343, ext. 284, or rosmundson@certol.com.