ATTN: Infection Control Speakers and Consultants

Certol International offers support to healthcare industry speakers and consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our program includes a Speaker Resource Packet, customized reference and research program, free handouts and product materials, plus generous free sample kits for attendees of “hands-on” seminars. We also offer limited quantities of “Giant Microbes” to inject humor and reward audience participation. The “Giant Microbe” is a stuffed plush representation of real organisms such as “Flu” and “Common Cold”.

Certol support is focused on such topics as instrument decontamination, how to correctly disinfect surfaces, sharps safety, sterilization during disinfection and correct use of detergent chemicals.

Contact the Certol Clinical and Education Department at 1.800.843.3343 x 293 for more details on how Certol will help you make your next presentation more dynamic and interactive.