Branching Out

Looking for a new industry to sell into? There are many industries of opportunity to sell ACID Magic. These application suggestions may work for your company to boost ACID Magic sales in other industries:

Food/Beverage (Registered NSF and Kosher Certified)
• Clean vats and lines
• Corn syrup production
• Gelatin production
• Milkstone removal in dairy production
Well Maintenance
• Rehabilitate wells removing Magnesium and Calcium from the bore hole
• Used in the recovery of Gold and Molybdenum
• Remove coal and mineral stains from structures and equipment
• Uranium and Zirconium processing
• Removal of sludge and scale from industrial equipment

Steel Manufacturing
• Pickle steel
Concrete and Masonry
• Etch concrete
• Remove efflorescence
• Remove excess mortar
• Cleaning concrete trucks
• Clean stone and grout (NOT to be used with Limestone, Granite, or Marble)
• Acid wash in the production of cast stone
• Carbonizing of wool
• Used to produce Calcium Chloride for highway deicing, dust control, and tire ballasting
• Regeneration of ion exchange resins in wastewater treatment and electric utilities

• Eliminate algae and barnacle stains
• Clean outdrive units
• Clean salt water (raw water) coolant systems