Remover Magic cleans Commerce City & Colorado

The Neighborhood Services Division (Code Enforcement) in the City of Commerce City has been using Remover Magic Graffiti Remover for over three years. They use it on everything from concrete to vinyl fencing. In a recent email, David Younie of the Neighborhood Services Division wrote: “I have found it to be the safest and most…

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Today is World Tuberculosis Day!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), March 24, is World Tuberculosis (TB) Day which aims to promote public awareness about tuberculosis, a preventable disease. TB is still prevalent in many parts of the world, affecting the lives of millions of people each year. Over 9 million people around the world get infected with TB…

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Tank Farm Construction is underway!

Construction is underway on the Certol Planned Unit Development project. Land on the East side of the building is being dug up so concrete can be poured, and large holding tanks will soon be put into place. The concrete pad will allow trucks easier access to the building, and also access to deposit liquids into…

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Certol Donates Medical Products to Feed the Hungry

In February of 2011, Certol International donated over $14,500 worth of medical supplies to the nonprofit organization Feed The Hungry. They sent the supplies to Feed The Children, who then gave the supplies to their partner agency, FoodWorks Colorado (formerly COMPA Ministries) in Denver, Colorado. Certol donated ProView Pouches, ProE Vac, Good Vibrations and vinyl…

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ACID Magic Featured in The Family Handyman

“The Stuff We Love: A Safer Substitute for Muriatic Acid” Muriatic (aka hydrochloric) acid is a fantastically cheap, effective way to remove rust stains and etch concrete to prep it for epoxy, to name just a few uses. But the fumes can be harmful, and skin burns are a real threat. There is a safer…

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