Certol Introduces ProRinse!

ProRinse, launching officially in the month of January will complete the Certol System for automated washers in medical settings. The product, designed for low dosing in both instrument and cart washers, is an economical choice for those customers with particularly hard water.

ProRinse works as both a rinse and a drying agent. It is designed to be used at high temperatures and can be used either in conjunction with other Certol products or as a part of another regimen. Certol’s detergents are designed to reduce the need for a rinse aid in most cases, but ProRinse can be useful in cases of especially hard water
or in lab settings where a large percentage of the loads contain glass.

Having trouble with spotting on your carts or instruments? Certol is offering free trials of ProRinse as part of our product launch efforts. Call customer service today at (800)-843-3343 to start your trial!