Certol visits China

President and CEO, Ed Cassinis and Director of Purchasing/Regulatory Affairs, Charles Crumbley left for Beijing, China on Friday 2/24/2012 and arrived tin China Saturday 2/25/2012. The purpose of their visit was to meet with manufactures and distributors and grow relationships for the direct purchase of raw goods.

Monday morning they began by meeting with one of Certol’s distributors of medical products in China. The partnership promises enormous growth potential in the detergent market in China.

Ed and Charles then flew to Tianjin, about 150 miles away from Beijing, for a discussion with a manufacturer/distributor regarding use of their facility as a distribution point for both Tianjin and Beijing. Regulatory issues were also explored.

Tuesday afternoon Ed and Charles left Beijing and headed to Shanghai where they met with two manufacturers and distributors to discuss import/export specifics focusing on how to provide Certol’s products to facilities in the Shanghai region of China.

Ed and Charles left Shanghai early Friday afternoon and returned safely to Denver after a long 14 hour flight. The Certol visit to China was very productive and is a step forward to creating lasting relationships with various industries in China.