The pool season is just around the corner and soon it will be time to pull back the cover, fill up the pool with water and jump right in!
Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple to open a pool after winter has taken its toll.  Adding water to the pool is just one of many steps you’ll be taking before taking a dip.  There’s still the matter of cleaning the filter, if you didn’t do that when you closed up last year, cleaning the pool itself and then getting the chemistry right. That’s where ACID Magic comes in.
ACID Magic is a one-for-one replacement for muriatic acid, the chemical that so many people dread working with because of its awful fumes and the burns you’ll get if gets on you. ACID Magic has 90% less fumes than standard muriatic and it won’t burn intact skin. The best part is, it works just as well as full strength muriatic when used for general cleaning, adjusting pH and acid washing your pool before filling it for the season. Visit www.Certol.com/ACIDMagic for more information about the benefits of Acid Magic. Acid Magic is available at your local Leslie’s Pool Mart, Ace HardwareTrue Value Hardware as well as many pool retailers nationwide.