ACID Magic ships ORM-D (Other Regulated Materials for Domestic Transport) when packaged in quarts and gallons, so it can ship UPS or Fed Ex small package without any hazmat consideration or extra fees. The larger sizes ship out of warehouses as corrosive with a class 70 designation.

ACID Magic is the only user friendly muriatic acid that ships out in quarts and gallons under the ORM-D regulations. No other muriatic acid would be able to ship out ORM-D in ANY size. ACID Magic is the only user friendly muriatic acid on the market because it won’t burn intact skin, and has up to 90% less fumes than full strength muriatic. ACID Magic will still clean, clarify, and etch like full strength muriatic even with all those great benefits.

ACID Magic can be used to acid wash pools and concrete, clean tile, toilets, and tubs, etch concrete and other masonry, and to adjust pool and spa chemistry. ACID Magic can do anything that full strength muriatic acid can do, equivalent in performance to muriatic at 31.45%, 20 degree Baume.

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