Gearing Up For Cold and Flu Season

As cold and flu season starts up, now is a great time to review the qualities of your facility or customer’s facility surface disinfectant to determine whether it meets the needs and requirements for your setting. You can help your customer/clinicians become informed consumers of disinfectant chemicals by considering these tips:
• Follow CDC guidelines. Use a tubuculocidal disinfectant in healthcare settings where blood and mucous spatter is likely. Some products labeled as “hospital disinfectants” are low level quaternaries lacking TB kill. ProSpray™ and ProSpray™ wipes are intermediate level disinfectants with lab verified TB kill.
• Cleaning matters. Many of the antibiotic resistant organisms now creating havoc in healthcare are carried in the environment via hands and human soils.
The focus on killing must be redirected to procedures that include careful, persistent cleaning. ProSpray products feature a water based formula with very effective cleaning agents.
• Compliance is essential. The strongest, fastest disinfectant in the world is useless if professionals do not use it frequently and consistently.
• Read labels and know the active agents in your disinfectant.
• Disinfectant choice is a tradeoff: high alcohol and bleach products are fast killers but affect persons and equipment; water based products are better cleaners, easy on equipment and people but do require more contact time.
Certol’s ProSpray Family of Disinfectants offer effective cleaning and intermediate-level disinfectant properties without the fear of surface damage or harsh carcinogenic chemicals. Request your free sample today!