Getting the Word Out

Did you know that Certol provides free, customized literature? If that phrase sounds familiar, it should! We send reminders about marketing materials that are available to your company with nearly every correspondence. Many of these can be customized with your company’s name and logo printed on the marketing piece. We have a variety of options and are open to new ideas you may have if we do not have literature that targets your market, including the following:

• Looking for point-of-sale (POS) sell sheets, posters or shelf tags that draw customer attention to Certol products? We have several different formats available that can be made to order with your information.

• Doing a mailing to promote one of our products? While Certol does not normally provide money for advertising, we can help with a mailing to your customers. We can design and print a mail piece that you can then send to your customers, free of charge!

• Attending a show or having an event and looking for give away items? We have promotional flying discs with ACID Magic and Remover Magic logos that can be obtained free of charge on a limited basis.

Contact Andrew Mathis in Marketing at 1-800-843-3343 for more details.