Greater New York Dental Meeting

Certol International attended the 87th annual Greater New York Dental meeting in November of 2011. The GNYDM is the largest healthcare and Dental event in the United States and had over 58,000 attendees last year in 2010. Certol was one of over five hundred exhibitors showcasing new products and teaching about new technology.

We gave out over 300 samples of our Infection Prevention Solutions to attendees from the U.S. and all over the world. Included in our sample bags were many useful products to prevent the spread of infection, and to help save time and money at your practice.

We also launched our new Tall Canister of ProSpray wipes at the GNYDM, a ready-to-use antibacterial surface wipe with built in surfactants, approved for use in dental settings. ProSpray antibacterial cleaning wipes disinfect and clean surfaces at the same time and there are 135 wipes sized at 8.5×12 inch in the new Tall Canister.

Guests who stopped by our booth and picked up samples, were also entered to win the Amazon Kindle and $50 Amazon gift card we raffled off. The winner was Dr. Bonnie Culbertson of Lutherville, MD. Congratulations to Bonnie, and thanks to everyone who entered!

If you received our samples, we would love to know what you think about our products. Please send questions, comments, and feedback to info@certol.com