Hand washing is a good start, but don’t stop there.

Hand washing is a good start to Infection Prevention, but it is not the only method we should be using to stop the spread of disease. While hand washing is a very effective, low cost, and easy way to prevent the spread of disease, I feel we are beating a dead horse on this matter.

Hand washing is great for use at home, after using the facility, and after being out and about on the town, however, the medical and dental industries need to be held to a higher standard. They need to practice a higher level of disinfection than that of most other industries.

To prevent the spread of infection and disease, a mid level disinfectant should be used on surfaces, equipment, furniture, sensors, and in front offices. Basically, anywhere a patient could be exposed to a disease, infection, or hazardous soil, needs to be properly cleaned and disinfected.

When choosing a disinfectant to use, be sure that the product has broad spectrum disinfecting power. The inactivates should benchmark tuberculosis and everything below that organism. The solution should also meet the CDC guidelines for surface disinfection in the presence of blood and other bodily soils.

In addition to hand washing, Certol has the solution for Infection Prevention. Certol makes a solution called ProSpray that is a broad spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant and cleaner. It is tuberculocidal and meets CDC guidelines for intermediate level disinfectant use when blood and body soils are likely to be present. Detergents in the water based formula provide effective cleaning. It may be used on surfaces, as a cleaning solution for instruments and as a disinfectant for dental impressions and appliances.

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