Internet SEO

Having a website improves visibility of the company, products, and provides customers another way to connect with you — but is your website working as hard as you to promote your business? You can increase value of your website by incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to drive your business! Having just a website with content is not enough; some suggestions to boost your website traffic are to:

• Utilize keywords for browser searching.
• Use chosen keywords in text on your landing pages.
• Increase the number of links to your website.
• Use many media types such as blogging, Facebook, or YouTube linking your site content.
• Create interactive links and media throughout your website.

There are many ways to increase site visibility, but the rule of thumb is to ensure that the content of the landing page should be relevant and motivate the user to action. Buy, sell, trade, or just click here to move your customer to the sale. Certol completed its first stages of SEO in February and has already seen a 14% increase in site traffic, decreased viewing time through easier site navigation, and decreased the bounce rate by 3%. A website is not a static tool and should be updated and changed regularly.