Investing in Success

At Certol, cost control and efficiency mean lower costs for end users. We endlessly strive to become more productive while improving overall quality procedures. As a result, our operation passes inspections with ease. Many find our processes impeccable and are rarely seen in a smaller operation of our size.
But there are always ways to improve. Certol’s dedication to quality and process improvement takes a strong commitment from everyone involved in the operation, from the owners, to the managers, to the employees. As part of this commitment, ownership has made large investments in recent years to upgrade manufacturing and plant operation equipment. These investments greatly increase our capabilities and also improve current production.
Over the past few years, these improvements have totaled well over one million dollars. Among these investments are plant improvements like a new cooling system installed in 2008 and a new heating system to be installed this fall. Most of the improvements, however, directly affect manufacturing.
New canister machine in action
Last year Certol installed an all new filler system for ACID Magic®, increasing potential capacity to nearly 70 pallets of gallons per day. This, accompanied by new warehouse racking has greatly reduced lead times during the summer busy season. Earlier this year, Certol introduced a new canister filling machine to the operation. This new machine greatly reduces fill times – our production team estimates the new machine to be as much as ten times as fast as our previous one once it is at full operation.  In addition, the production line has also acquired a new label machine, a steam tunnel and other manufacturing equipment to be announced later this year.
It takes enormous amounts of time and effort to integrate a new piece of equipment into our production process. Not only do we have to make sure that it works properly, employees must be trained on how to use it safely.
A big thanks to our ownership as well as all of the employees who have worked hard to get this equipment up and running. We are looking forward to putting this equipment to good use!