ProBarrier™ disposa chain™

Disposable Bib Chain

Metal bib chains and clips can give patients “chills”, tangle in their hair and even spread infection! Disposable bib chains eliminate all three of these problems. ProBarrier disposa chain features:

  • Soft cloth construction for patient comfort.
  • Equal length to standard chains (16”).
  • Strong adhesive tabs hold bib securely in place.
  • Economical choice for bib holder at less than 6¢ per chain (MSRP).

Eliminate germs, make-up, sweat and splatter with disposa chain!


Material: Non-latex material that will comfortably fit on patient and provide greater patient and user visibility.

Construction: Adhesive strips on both ends.

Packaging: Package is compact and fits into an operatory drawer.

Dimensions: 3/4” x 16-1/2”.