Certol´s EZ Solution for Instrument Pre-Cleaning:

ProEZ foam™
It´s ready-to-use. Just spray over instruments and walk away. True quad enzyme formula will dissolve soils, reduce hand scrubbing and protect against corrosion - even overnight!
Certol´s EZ Solutions for Liquid Presoak:
Delicate oral surgical instruments are contaminated with tough soils from oral surgery. Harsh alkaline detergents may pit and corrode delicate items.

ProEZ AW Quad™ Premium Four Enzyme
ProEZ 2™ True Dual Enzyme
ProEZ 1™ Economical Single Enzyme
Neutral pH detergents are gentle on instruments and tough on soils. Use as a liquid presoak or in the ultrasonic instrument cleaner.
Certol’s EZ Solution for Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaning:
Get the best cleaning performance from your ultrasonic cleaner. Reduce corrosion on carbon burs and bladed items with Certol´s unique detergent/anti-corrosion solution.

Good Vibrations™
Economical, non-foaming and boosts ultrasonic cleaning action, while the powerful anti-corrosive system protects delicate instruments and burs.
Certol’s EZ Solution for Instrument Lubrication and Protection:
Instrument lubrication prolongs the life of jointed instruments such as ortho pliers and forceps, but not all lubes are created equal.

ProLube™  RTU
Spray this ready-to-use formula on jointed items after cleaning but before sterilization to lubricate and protect joints and box locks. ProLube is mineral oil free, non-toxic and needs no rinsing. Meets the AAMI ST79 standard for lubricants. Perfect for ortho pliers!