60 Day Concentrated Surface Disinfectant/Cleaner and Holding Solution

Pathex is a concentrated broad spectrum disinfectant/cleaner.


  • One bottle makes 30 liters of diluted solution.

Approved for 60 Day Use After Dilution

Safe and Pleasant to Use

  • Water based formula recommended for all types of hard surfaces, including vinyls and plastics. Unlike alcohols, bleach or peroxides, Pathex will not degrade surfaces.
  • Will not stain or bleach hard surfaces.
  • Light lemon scent appreciated by staff and patients.


  • Detergents make Pathex an effective surface cleaner.
  • Intermediate level disinfectant suitable for use when disinfecting surfaces contaminated with blood, saliva and related soils.
  • Instrument holding solution and ultrasonic cleaner solution.

Available in Canada only.


Active Agents:
9% o-phenylphenol
1% o-benzyl-p-chlorophenol

Dilution: 1:32

DIN: 01933663

Solution Color: Natural color

Odor: Lemon scent when diluted

Use Life: 60 days for diluted unused solution

Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture