ProEZ 2™

Dual Enzymatic Detergent

  • Extra enzyme cleaning power (protease and amylase).
  • Ideal for heavier blood soils including oral surgery, periodontal instruments, jointed and tubular items.
  • Available in economical gallons or convenient unit dose tubes.
  • Concentrated: One ounce makes one to two gallons of solution.
  • May be used as holding solution or in ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Neutral pH and safe for delicate instruments.
  • Powerful surfactants added into the formula aid the enzyme cleaning action.
  • Water softening and chelating agents work to prevent the minerals in your office tap water from interfering with the cleaning process and prevent corrosion on your valuable instruments.

Get the most effective true dual enzyme detergent on the market.


Dilution Ratios:
1/2 - 1 oz. per gallon. For difficult or dried on soils, 2 oz. per gallon.

Removal Time: 1 minute minimum or until soils are dissolved or removed.

pH: Neutral.

Temperature of Use: Effective at room temperature 68°F (20°C), but use of product with warmer water 90° - 110°F(32° - 43°C) will optimize the performance of the enzymes.

Odor: Clean, fresh scent.

Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Disposal: Biodegradable and safe to pour down the drain as non-regulated waste.