Pro Tector ®

Infectious Waste Bags

Pro Tector Infectious Waste Bags are bright red waste bags constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene with the universally recognized biohazard symbol.


  • Packaged in pre-folded dispenser boxes.
  • Easy storage and distribution.

Meets State Regulations

  • Impact resistance of 165 grams.
  • Tearing resistance of 480 grams.
  • Meets ASTM D1709 and ASTM D1922 standards.

Meets stringent New York and Florida state “red bag” regulations.


Material: Manufactured from high grade polyethylene at 1.3 mil thickness, meeting test standards for tear resistance and impact resistance.

Packaging and Dimensions:
Small - 10 Gallon
24” x 23” - 100/box.

Medium - 12 Gallon
24” x 30” - 100/box.

Large - 25 Gallon
30” x 43” - 50/box.