Disposable Instrument Trays

ProTray disposable trays are rigid disposable instrument trays with a smooth, glossy finish. They prevent cross-contamination, save time and function as an alternate work surface for mixing, one-handed needle recapping and storage.

Saves Time

  • Eliminates the time consuming process of manually cleaning and disinfecting reusable trays.

Peace of Mind

  • Provides patients and staff a clean instrument tray to help prevent cross-contamination.


  • Can be used as an alternate work surface in place of separate mixing pads, amalgam wells and dappen dishes.

Environmentally Safe

  • Contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Staff time = Money. Protect your wallet with disposables.


Material: Disposable, environmentally safe polystyrene foam containing no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Construction: Sturdy enough to hold a full setup of instruments. Smooth, glossy finish provides aseptic appearance. ProTray setup trays are divided to hold and organize instruments.