ProView® plus

Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch

ProView plus sterilization packaging provides dependable quality and verification with Class 4 internal and external chemical indicators. 

Consistent Performance

  • Extra wide side seals, 36 lbs. high wet strength medical grade paper and five-ply blue poly film protect sterile contents.
  • Industry leading 7/8” self-seal adhesive strip gives users Triple Action Seal™: tape to paper, tape to film and tape to tape.
  • Quality adhesive and materials provide clean peel.

User Friendly

  • Thumb notch and generous knuckle roll area for easy opening.
  • Quick release tape and dry edge enables handling with gloves.
  • Adhesive strip with perforated fold gives complete seal.


  • Recommended for use in steam, chemical vapor and gas sterilization processes.


Paper Material: Medical grade, 36# high wet strength kraft.

Film Material: Transparent blue tint 5 ply coax polypropylene laminate.

Adhesive Strip: 7/8 inch width, with dry edges on release liner for easy removal. Adhesive strip provides triple seal - tape to paper, tape to film and tape to tape.

Chemical Indicators:

  • Class 4 multi-variable steam indicator with dual placement for both internal and external verification.
  • Ink validated to respond to all three parameters - time, temperature and steam.
  • Indicator ink complies with ISO 11140-1:2005 standard for Class 4 steam indicators.
  • Turns from pink to dark brown/black upon exposure to steam sterilant at 2 minutes and a minimum of 250 degrees F (121 degrees C).
  • Indicators also respond to chemical vapor (pink to light brown) and ethylene oxide gas (green to brown).

Pouch Performance: Tested and validated to meet ISO 11607 standard for pouch performance.