Look Out Pools in Florida – Here We Come!!

ACID Magic will soon be available for purchase at Leslie’s Pool Supplies’ Commercial Service Centers in Southern Florida. Leslie’s  offers a comprehensive product line; including chemicals, cleaning devices, equipment, parts, recreational and safety products, as well as many unique items for the backyard and patio. Leslie’s has been providing quality products and services to the Pool and Spa trade since 1963 and Certol is pleased to continue to grow its business through this respected retailer and wholesales of pool and spa products.

ACID Magic will be available at all three commercial service centers in Florida that offer special commercial pricing, free delivery within 25 miles of their locations, qualified service technicians to support equipment installation and repair. Leslie’s Florida Commercial Service Centers are located in Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Contact a Leslie’s Account Executive to find out more about ACID Magic and the advantages of switching from traditional muriatic acid.