MRSA – Not just in hospitals

Infection control reaches all aspects of our lives, from washing your hands to cleaning cuts. Many people do these things out of habit, but recently a football team found that a more proactive approach to infection control may have prevented some serious illnesses.
MRSA, also known as Staph, is a bacterial infection that commonly shows up looking like insect bites on the skin.  The little bumps become painful inflamed sores.  It is spread by direct contact from MRSA carried on skin or on personal care items like razors and damp towels.  It is then easily transmitted to a person with cuts or scrapes.    MRSA survives in damp locker rooms, gym equipment and child care centers.  Many people are coming and going with exposed skin and scrapes.
Most MRSA infections could be stopped with three simple steps.  Wash hands frequently.  Clean and cover skin cuts with sterile bandages.  Use ProSpray™ to clean and disinfect surfaces frequently.
This report serves as another reminder that infection control/prevention is an important part of EVERY workplace, not only hospitals and dental offices. Click here for more information about Certol’s ProSpray surface disinfectants.