NEWS: Industrial Division updates!


We have a new email address for orders. This is to ensure orders are processed promptly. Orders sent to individuals may not be processed quickly if that person is not in the office. Please note that orders may be placed with a shipping date that is in the future. We mostly receive orders that are needed immediately. If you would like to plan ahead, you can future date orders to keep ahead of the curve. This may be especially useful in the busy season.

2012 Pricing

Please note that prices will be increased slightly in 2012. Although we have taken great strides to minimize price increases, the cost of many of our raw goods have seen price increases in 2011. We have negotiated many of these costs in an attempt to maintain current pricing for our distributors; however, price increases have been necessary to maintain operating profit. These price increases will go into effect on January 1, 2012, so please be sure to update your system with the new pricing on or before that date.

BOAT Magic – The User Friendly Hull and Outdrive Cleaner!

Certol’s newest brand is a fast working, user friendly muriatic acid based cleaner that is easier to work with and safer to use when compared to other marine cleaning products. BOAT Magic is used to clean fiberglass, rubber and steel hulls, outdrives and propellers, and even works great in plastic and porcelain marine toilets.

For those of you looking to expand your market and diversify your business, this is a great opportunity. The demand for BOAT Magic is growing as more boaters find out that there is a hull cleaner that works faster, is less expensive and is a lot less caustic than the best products on the market. Please call Lynn Waters or Ryan Osmundson if you are interested in learning more about BOAT Magic.

Early Buy

For those distributors who qualify for Certol International’s ACID Magic Early Buy program, the special will run from January through February. Be sure to take advantage of the limited time offer of up to 5% savings with 60-day payment terms on ACID Magic. Please see the enclosed Early Buy Flyer for details on how to order!

Remover Magic

It is with regret that we announce that we will be discontinuing the manufacture and sale of one of our featured products, Remover Magic Graffiti Remover. Due to increased scrutiny from the regulatory agencies that determine and enforce compliance with acceptable VOC levels in consumer goods, coupled with a lack of resources to properly monitor and ensure ongoing compliance with these regulations, management has made the decision to discontinue production of the product. We are currently in the process of clearing our remaining inventory, so please call customer service if you are interested in purchasing Remover Magic before it is gone.

Shipping ACID Magic ORM-D

ACID Magic and BOAT Magic shipped from Certol’s warehouse is usually packaged for transport on pallets and is not adequately packaged for UPS and FedEx small package shipments. Please over-box and check each individual cap for tightness if you will be shipping ACID Magic or BOAT Magic via small package UPS or FedEx. Though our caps are torqued to required specifications, transport sometimes causes caps to loosen and may increase the chances of a leak.

Induction Seals

Certol will be upgrading the seals on both gallon and quart size bottles of ACID Magic and BOAT Magic. The new seals are expected to fully replace the current inductions seals by the beginning of the New Year. They are more robust and are designed to provide a more aggressive bond than the current induction seals, which should reduce the likelihood of leaks occurring during transport.

The New Acid Magic 275 Gallon Totes

We are now using a new 275 gallon tote from Schutz for all Acid Magic orders. These totes have a better design and will always be new when we ship them to you. Schutz offers a recycling program and will pick up your empties. Information on this recycling program comes with each tote. Since you will actually own these totes, you may also call any other recycler in your area to pick up your empties – and may even get money for them. Certol is now out of the recycling business and will no longer pick up or accept drums or totes. For further information on the totes and adapter parts for the quick release valve, please contact Lynn Waters.