ProSpray wipes featured in DPR Product Watch

Certol’s ProSpray wipes were featured in the Product Watch section of Dental Product Report’s Issue #5. The recently published blurb features the ProSpray wipes on page 44 and talks about the disinfection and surface cleaning properties.

ProSpray wipes are ready to use antibacterial surface wipes with built in surfactants. The water based wipes disinfect and clean surfaces at the same time and can be used on vinyl, metals, plastics, tubing, and faux leather upholstery. They will not stain or bleach hard surfaces or crack or dry out equipment. The wipes feature a light lemon scent and are pre-saturated with the correct amount of solution for even distribution. The wipes can be handled without personal protective equipment in the absence of blood soils, and can even be used to clean front office equipment and electronics as well.

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