Remover Magic: Not Just a Graffiti Remover

Remover Magic Graffiti Remover is a very unique and interesting product in the Certol product family. It is a combination of many different ingredients, none of which are water that produces a solvent capable of stripping paint and other materials layer by layer. While it is a very effective graffiti remover, Remover Magic has potential beyond this one use. Here are some examples of what else it is capable of removing:
• Permanent markers (sharpies)
• Oil marks on concrete

• Lipstick stains
• Crayon marks
• Wax
• Gum
• Adhesives and adhesive residue
• Tar and tire marks
• Scuff marks
• Enamel and latex paint

Although Remover Magic should always be tested on an inconspicuous area first and caution should be used when applying a solvent to certain materials, Remover Magic works great on these buildings and surfaces:
• Glazed brick
• Metals
• Baked enamels
• Playground equipment
• Schools
• Convention centers
• Community walls

• Cedar fences
• Bridges
• Sidewalks
• Street and highway signs
• Light posts