Remover Magic: Sprayer, Meet Your Maker

Remover Magic Graffiti Remover is a unique and interesting product that stands head and shoulders above the myriad of removers on the market. No other product works as well, is as safe to use and is as pleasant to work with as Remover Magic. If there is any complaint about the product, it is the fact that the product is so hard to contain. Because Remover Magic is a solvent, it is designed to dissolve petroleum based materials, including plastics. Because it can damage plastic and plastic components over time, Remover Magic is not compatible with all types of plastic containers, and even some metal ones. Our R & D department burned through hundreds of sprayers to find ones that work – but even these have their limitations. As demand for Remover Magic grows, however, so do the questions. Below are answers to some of our most common Remover Magic container questions.

Can I buy large sizes of Remover Magic and just fill up my own sprayers to save money?
You can, but be careful of the type of sprayer and container you use. Sprayers must be able to hold up to the strength of Remover Magic, so make sure to buy products that are “solvent resistant”, not just chemical resistant. Regulations also usually require that containers of chemicals be clearly labeled with the contents. If you need extra labels, let us know. The 16 oz. spray bottles for Remover Magic are made of a high density plastic with a rating of 1 and made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE or PET), which has no known hazards.

Can I use industrial type sprayers found at my local hardware store to apply
Remover Magic for large applications?

Not necessarily. There are certain pump-up sprayers that are designed to hold up to the powerful solvent properties of Remover Magic. We have a source for these sprayers and their replacement parts. Please contact Customer Service for more information before purchasing standard solvent sprayers, as incompatible sprayers can be hazardous when filled and pressurized.

My 16 oz. Remover Magic sprayer has quit spraying? Can I fix it?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Over time the end of the uptake tube on the sprayer can become soft and form a blockage. You can cut off the end with a knife or sturdy scissors and the sprayer should begin working. If this does not work contact Customer Service and a replacement will be sent. If you have used your sprayer for more than one or two refills of a bottle, the sprayer may be worn out. New ones can be purchased from Customer Service in case quantity.