Study Finds Bib Chains a Potential Source of Bacteria

A recent study from the “University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Dentistry Oral Microbiology Laboratory found that dental bib clips may be potential sources of cross-contamination in a dental office.”

Bib chains and bib clips are a potential source of body soil contamination in dental offices across the U.S. Authors of the study commented that “A bib chain can ‘grab’ onto hair or accumulate patient’s sweat, make‐up, hair products, neck acne, dermatitis, etc in the crevices and inaccessible areas of the holder. Yet not many dental offices have taken steps to protect their patients.”

Dental Health Magazine reports that researchers sampled 50 bib clips from hygiene and dental operatories and one out of five bib clips were found to have a presence of significant microorganisms. “Of most concern were the pathogenic species found: pseudomonas, S. aureus and the enteric bacteria, E. coli. Microorganisms found on the bib clips in the UNC study were not just from skin but also from saliva and plaque.”

World Dental.org suggests a great way to avoid patient cross contamination is to use a disposable bib holder that can be discarded with the bib before every new patient. The ProBarrier™ disposa chain™ from Certol International is a disposable bib chain designed to replace metal bib chains and clips. By using a fresh ProBarrier disposa chain for each patient, the need to process bib chains is eliminated.

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Source: www.WorldDental.org