The Branded Truth

Consistent product branding is one of the most important factors in increasing brand recognition for our customers to increase sales. Ensuring that we have the same product information and branding on all of our communication is imperative and should be at the forefront of our initiatives. Updating website information, written documents, and images to the most current literature are critical touch points with our customers and must be continuously maintained. If our concerted efforts are not maintained, customers may be confused and lead to a loss in sales.

Accurate website and product information is always sought out by our customers and is usually the first contact with our customers. Certol frequently updates product information and you can access the most recent How-to-Use suggestions and product information on our website at www.Certol.com. Be sure to also update your product photos in keeping a consistent brand image. Updated photos of our products can be found at ftp://images.certol.com for both web and print quality graphics. Please contact customer service for more specific instructions on downloading these images.

Customized marketing materials are always FREE to boost your customer’s product knowledge and ensure consistent branding. If you’re looking for point-of-sale (POS) sell sheets, posters, or shelf tags that draw customer attention, we have several different formats available that can be made with your information. While Certol does not typically advertise, we can design and print mail pieces that you can then send to your customers FREE of charge. We have a variety of options and are open to new ideas you may have if we do not have literature that targets your market.

Consistent branding is made easy with access to the most updated information on Certol’s web and FTP sites. If you require assistance or would like to order customized marketing materials, please contact Brendon Sucher at (800) 843-3343 or bsucher@Certol.com.