As is always the case, when a product comes out that makes the user’s life easier because it is faster, safer, or simpler to use, other companies will always attempt to imitate.
 ACID Magic – The User Friendly Muriatic Acid is a full strength muriatic-based product formulated to ship, use and store easier than standard muriatic acid. ACID Magic has made etching concrete for paint preparation, acid washing and maintaining proper pH in pools, removing efflorescence on masonry and even cleaning tile, toilets and tubs easier because of its unique proprietary formulation that has up to 90% less fumes than traditional muriatic and prevents burns to intact skin. ACID Magic is the only alternative to standard muriatic acid that will not cause burns to intact skin!
As a testament to and as a result of the benefits of using ACID Magic in place of standard muriatic acid, two copycat products have made their way to store shelves. Klean-Strip Green Safer Muriatic Acid, manufactured by W.M. Barr & Company, Inc. and Green Envy Muriatic Acid Replacement, manufactured by Sunnyside Corporation have become available in the last few years. Both Klean-Strip Green Safer Muriatic Acid and Green Envy Muriatic Acid Replacement advertise that they have 90% less fumes, so we decided to run some in-house tests to see how they stack up against ACID Magic.
What we found was that ACID Magic is from 10% to 23% stronger than the competition, meaning you save money by using less ACID Magic. One competitor’s product contains surfactants, or soap in their formulation. Yes, using soap will cut down the fumes but it will also dilute the strength of the active ingredient (HCl) and will contaminate pool water. That same product also contains urea, a chemical that is commonly found in urine. The most alarming thing we found about Klean-Strip Green Safer Muriatic Acid and Green Envy Muriatic Acid Replacement is that they will both cause severe chemical burns upon exposure to skin.
ACID Magic is truly superior to the competitions’ copycat products. ACID Magic has up to 90% less fumes than traditional muriatic acid, it won’t burn intact skin, it is equivalent in performance to full strength 20o Baume, 31.45%, muriatic acid*, and is available for purchase in a larger range of sizes.
For more information, please contact Ryan Osmundson at rosmundson@certol.com.