Toting Savings

Are you aware that Certol recycles your 15, 30, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes? We appreciate your cooperation in recycling empty drums and totes of Acid Magic for reuse; this saves us all money. We will continue to try to keep all costs down so that we can compete in the muriatic acid arena and grow the sales of Acid Magic for everyone.

For container recycling:

1. Please return only totes that are from Certol and have had only Acid Magic in them. Do not return totes that have another company or product label on them. To dispose of unwanted totes, contact a drum recycler in your area.

2. Keep all labels on the totes since they still contain residues of Acid Magic. We must keep the labels on to be in DOT compliance and avoid penalties. (If additional labels are needed, please contact customer service.)

3. Please tip the totes to get the last of the Acid out of them, and make sure that all of the Acid Magic is out of the totes and are “drip dry.”

4. Please return totes in a clean condition.

5. Make sure all fittings and valves are in operable order.

6. Please make sure that the top caps on the totes are not missing. If you cannot find the cap for the top, please tape off the opening to keep the inside of the tote clean. This will greatly reduce labor in getting totes filled and ready to ship back out.

7. Please, please, please be careful with the cages on totes and avoid damaging them. Ask your employees to take care when moving the totes around so that the metal is not crushed or damaged. Please adjust the forks on your lift so that this damage does not occur and take care with the totes.

Drums of ACID Magic will be accepted if they can be palletized and wrapped. In order to make it cost effective, please stack 15 gallon, 30 gallon and 55 gallon drums two drums high and wrap. Therefore, each 55 gallon pallet would have 8 drums per pallet, each 30 gallon pallet would have 8 drums per pallet, and each 15 gallon pallet would have 18 drums per pallet.
Although we cannot double stack the pallets, we can double stack the drums on the pallets to make it worth the shipping cost.
If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to arrange a pick up, please contact Lynn Waters at (800) 843-3343 or lwaters@Certol.com.