Try ProSpray, Get a Giant Microbe!

I doubt there is a time you said to yourself, “I want that adorable MRSA” or “How cute is that E. Coli bug?” And I know you never said, “Yes! Send me Tuberculosis for my desk.” But now, with Certol’s Giant Microbe Trial Offer, you will be happy to have any one of these little guys hanging out on your desk, or at home playing with your children.

I am not talking about an ACTUAL bug of course, but Certol does have adorable stuffed versions of the bacteria our solutions protect against. Infection Prevention is important to us, and by seeing these Giant Microbes every day, it just might remind you that Infection Prevention should be at the top of your check list every day.

To get a Giant Microbe, MRSA, E. Coli, TB, or Ulcer, agree to begin a FREE Trial of our ProSpray Wipes or Liquids at your facility. Not only will you see how our products work above and beyond the competition, you will be reminded daily of just how important Infection Prevention is in the healthcare and dental industry.

To start your FREE Trial contact Andrew Mathis, Business Development and Contract Manager, at amathis@certol.com or call Certol at (800) 843-3343. You can also visit our website to learn more about ProSpray wipes and Liquids.