Viva Las Vegas!

Certol was recently in Las Vegas, Nevada for the American Dental Association’s Annual Session. We handed out over 300 samples of our Infection Prevention products to attendees eager to learn why our products outperform the competition.

While we were there to work, we did manage to squeeze some fun in at the show. We met the History Channel’s Pawn Stars, and watched them appraise some unique items brought in by dentists from across the country. Mike Tyson was seen wandering around the Mandalay Bay hotel, whether he was there for the ADA trade show or for pleasure is still up for discussion. We saw bright lights, flashy cars, and while we were temporarily distracted by shiny things, we did not forget the reason for the visit.

We attended the show to hand out samples, promote our products, and to tell our audience why our products are superior to those of our competition. Our wipes are an alcohol free intermediate level disinfectant, safe to use on all surfaces, and will not crack, peel or damage expensive equipment, instruments, or surfaces. They are EPA approved for use barehanded in the absence of bodily soils, so your office staff can use the same wipes in the waiting area of your office as they use in the clinical areas.

At the closing of the show, we donated our remaining product to the University of California San Diego Student-Run Free Dental Clinic Project. Their licensed volunteer dentists and specialists provide quality dental care to uninsured inner-city families, the working poor, and homeless of all ages. Each clinic provides a wide variety of free dental care, and with the help of our donations, will be able to continue providing care. Certol is proud to donate product in order to help out clinics and dental facilities to prevent the spread of infection.